green plants for your garden

It’s no question that we get jealous whenever we see an amazing garden or windowsill decorated beautifully with plants and think “Man, why can’t mine be like like that?” Well, here are 5 ways to fix that problem easily!

#1 Don’t think that only flowers look nice

There are many different plants that despite being your average green, still look visually appealing! Arranged properly, it can all look very clean and satisfying. Sure, it can depend on the surroundings, but all it takes is for a clean surrounding, and the green already makes it better, with the added benefit of having more space to work with.


#2 There is more to a garden than looks

Something that is always bound to make your garden better is making it more than just a sight. Consider adding plants that have a strong smell, like basil, plants with edible produce, maybe even add some textured surfaces and wind chimes to truly feel your garden. And having some spices from your garden is also another positive!

#3 Think in all 3 dimensions

We often see al these beautiful meadows of flowers, goldenrod and grass, however, we being the species that we are, can use all 3 dimensions to grow our plants just because we can. You can obviously use a trellis, but consider getting a “green wall”, especially if you have a patio. Simply make holes for some small pots or planter boxes in the wall of your patio, plant, and enjoy. If you want to take it even further, why not take it a “step” further and make a “green” staircase to a green roof? You can even use the same planter box set up as the patio walls.

#4 Avoid dividing your plants

You want to make the most out of your somewhat limited space, but using lots of planter boxes often doesn’t look as good and can cause space issues. In a worst case scenario, if you have plants that have a root system that grows quickly and to a large extent, it can potentially jump between boxes and cause problems. So why not make just four big boxes in four corners of the room, especially for an outside garden? It Generally looks cleaner overall, and the only real disadvantage is that they are harder to move.

#5 It’s not just about the garden

What good would a garden be during winter? Why have a a bunch of colourful plants in a Black room? This may be an obvious one, but a lot of gardens can be ruined by simple issues like these, such as existing in a country too cold for them, or look bad due to not fitting the environment. There are solutions easily in reach, fortunately. Cold country? Try setting up a garden in your basement. Black room? obviously not a lot of plants fit in to this type of room, but try to emphasize the fact they don’t fit in there, potentially having the ironic effect of making the look better.

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