Welcome! It’s really nice to see you. Let me introduce myself.

 I’m Hazel McCraft.
I’m a passionate crocheter and crafter. I always try to put a hundred per cent effort in my work, both a blog article and my crafts. I enjoy learning new things about yarn crafts, paper crafts; I also love to cook, especially sweets and sugar cookies.

All of that you will find on my blog. I hope we will be friends and you will visit me more ofter.

Thanks you for visiting!

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Granny stripe crocheted bag with a wooden cat in a scraf

Granny Stripe Boutique Bag

Many years ago, I loved the idea of a granny stripe bag by Tangled Happy. The bag started with chains joined together and after a few rounds of single crochets it...
crocheted squares for advance crocheters

Crochet Squares for Advanced Crocheters

 There are a lot of beginner crochet patterns to choose from. But now let's look for something more challenging and find patterns that stand out - advanced crochet squares.In my crochet...

Mitered Granny Square

 Learn how to crochet the Mitered Granny Square. Among many crochet squares and techniques, the mitered granny square stands out as a classic and timeless design. The mitered granny square is...