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Christmas Mini Wreath Ornament
A mini crochet wreath ornament are going through a renaissance. Their increasing popularity can be explained by the fact that they evoke warm, childhood memories from Grandma's trees, where they were so popular. Are crochet wreaths easy to make? As crochet wreaths use only basic stitches, they are extremely easy to make and are thus very beginner friendly. Most patterns are...
Just started to crochet an earwarmer? You won't regret it. They are easy, quick and most important, they don't need a big amount of yarn. Looking for a perfect pattern for one? You can find it here: 10 Best Easy Earwarmer Headband Free Crochet Patterns Printable Crochet Ear Warmer and Headband Size Chart The following chart takes accounts for 2" of negative...
Crochet Eearwarmers the best free patterns
There is no other crochet item quite like an earwarmer! What is the best Earwarmer / Headband Free Crochet Pattern? They are easy (mostly), quick, and don't need a lot of yarn. What's more, they can be a very personal item, which makes them perfect for a gift in the fall/winter season. They are easy and quick, so it's good to...
There is no better symbol of the Fall and Thanksgiving than a pumpkin. I love this season of the year and all its decorations in warm, orangey, yellow-ish and all other fall leaf colors. Lately, there has been a trend to break up standard colors and make your pumpkins in blues, blacks, whites and grays. I love that! It...

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