If you are looking for some crochet frog inspirations, you are in the right place. 

The name of my blog is an obligation to collect info about crochet frogs in one place and answer a broad range of questions regarding these adorable critters. If you are looking for a FREE CROCHET FROG PATTERN I have 35 free crochet frog patterns aligned for you.   And finally, even if you don’t crochet and want to know what frogging means in crochet slang, jump to the next part

It this post you will find everything and anything you are looking for. Crochet frog amigurumi, crochet frog keychain, crochet tree frog patterns. You will learn how to make a crochet frog and how to make crochet frog eyes.

Crocheted frog patterns are so popular and fun you can find almost every kind of item inspired by these cute creatures.  

What does it mean to frog in crochet?

“Crochet frog” is a term which typically refers to a small stuffed toy made from yarn using crochet stitches/techniques. 

The term “frog” in crochet jargon also has another meaning. To crocheters and knitters, “frogging” means unraveling already made stitches to correct a mistake. Whenever a crocheter (or a knitter) finds  a mistake, she/he has to rip out the stitches to the point where the error occurred. All you are doing in this case is to repeatedly “rip it, rip it”. This  sounds similar to ‘ribbit, ribbit’ which is the sound all kids think a frog makes. 

rip it, rip it, it sounds similar to ‘ribbit’ ribbit’ which is the sound (kids think) a frog makes. 
Rip it sounds similar to ‘ribbit’ which is the sound a frog makes

The term is so widespread in crochet nomenclature, that it is unknown who and when introduced it for the first time. I guess it’s just part of the lore.

Should I frog my crochet?

As with so many things, the answer is it depends. If you are working on a very high-quality crochet project, you will likely want to correct a mistake. After all, a single error will draw the eye in an otherwise perfect project. To do this, sometimes you will be forced to frog an entire crochet project or a big part of it. This may mean unravelling the work you already made from start to finish. 

If you are a beginner and have made a small mistake far back in the project, try to judge how visible it will be for a random person. If it is hard to find, and it doesn’t cause you to make follow-on mistakes, it’s probably best just finish the project as is. 

Potential mistakes are less visible in small projects such as lace snowflakes, or a draped items like a scarf tied around your neck. However, they can be easily spotted on a big spread out surface like a vest or a cardigan. 

Does frogging ruin yarn? Can I unravel an old cardigan to make a new one? 

The short answer is no: frogging does not inherently ruin yarn. In fact, frogging is a common practice among crafters to correct mistakes or make adjustments to their projects.

yarn ball winder
A yarn ball winder can help with frogging.

In previous decades, frogging an unwanted cardigan or other yarn-items was also one of the main sources of yarn for our ancestors. It was a cheap and accessible source of yarn, and was very much recycling and reducing long before it became a fad.

 However, there are a few factors to consider before frogging:

  • Yarn Type: Some yarns frog better than others. Natural fibers like wool and cotton tend to be more forgiving. Thus, they can handle being unraveled and reworked without damaging the fiber. On the other hand, yarns with a high synthetic content or delicate fibers may show more wear and tear after frogging. This may make them unusable for projects that need a fine finish or lots of strength.
  • Tension and Handling: If you repeatedly frog the same section of yarn or if you force the yarn as you pull it, it may stretch or weaken. 
  • If you need to frog an item  that was overly tensioned, it may be hard to unravel it without any structural damage. 
  • Texture Changes: Yarn that has been frogged multiple times may have an altered texture. The fibers can become more relaxed, and the entire yarn may be less elastic. This may be affected by the fiber source.

However, if you already have an old item to unravel give it a try. Unravel a few rows, and try to make a sample: a few rows of new stitches to see how it turns out. If you like it and the yarn seems OK, frog the whole item, as it is always better money-wise to recycle than to buy.

Are there any other meanings of the term frog? It has a military aspect.

– Back in WWII, the U.S. Navy established underwater demolition troops. These heroic sailors, now known as Navy SEALs, were commonly referred to as “Frogmen.”, and in fact are still called that today. Who knew crocheters have something in common with the military?

How to crochet a frog?  A crochet frog tutorial.

Crochet frogs  are cute little creatures that make fantastic gifts, decorations, or companions. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of crocheting your very own amigurumi frog. If you choose other patterns from below, this tutorial will help you to understand the steps you will be following no matter the pattern you choose. 

Materials you will need:

Before we begin, gather the following materials:

  • Worsted weight yarn in green and white
  • Crochet hook (the size recommended on the yarn label, usually G/4.0mm)
  • Safety eyes
  • Polyester fiberfill for stuffing
  • Yarn/ tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Scissors

Step 1: Crocheting the Body

Create a magic ring using the green yarn. Next, crochet six single crochet stitches into the ring, and then pull it tight. Continue to crochet in the round, increasing the number of stitches in each round until you have a flat circle of the right size for the frog’s body.

Step 2: Shaping the Head and Eyes

Gradually decrease stitches to create the frog’s head. Attach safety eyes between the 7th and 8th rounds, leaving a few stitches between them. Add a small white circle with white yarn around the safety eyes for a cute, realistic touch.

Step 3: Crafting the Rear Legs

Crochet four legs using the green yarn. Attach them to the body, evenly spaced around the bottom. Stuff the legs lightly as you go, ensuring they are secure.

Step 4: Making the Forelegs

Crochet two “arms” and attach them to the sides of the frog’s body. Position them slightly below the head, making sure they are symmetrical.

Step 5: Adding Facial Features

Use black yarn to embroider a smiling mouth on your frog. You can also add nostrils and eyebrows for extra character. Experiment with different expressions to give your amigurumi frog its own, unique personality.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Once you’re satisfied with the facial features, stuff the frog’s body with polyester fiberfill until it’s round and plump. Close the opening with a slip stitch, and weave in any loose ends with a yarn needle.

30 Free Crochet Frog Patterns

In this curated list, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best free crochet patterns for crafting your very own froggy friends. Let the crocheting adventure begin!

Amigurumi Frog

photo source: Anitha Domacin

This cute and small frog will be the perfect springboard for beginners. Easy and tiny, it will work up quickly and you will soon get a nice companion for life.

Designer: Anitha Domacin

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn: YarnArt Jeans

Frog Prince

photo source: Amigurumi Today

Transform your yarn into royalty with this charming frog prince pattern by Amigurumi Today. This cute prince can be displayed on your shelf in many different ways and a tiny crown will definitely add charm to this amigurumi project. 

I recommend this project for an advanced crocheter. 

Designer: Lion Brand Yarn

Yarn weight: Aran

Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Solids, Heathers, Twists

Amigurumi Frog

photo source: Lion Brand Yarn

This amigurumi frog looks almost like a froggy ball you can play or throw and catch. The frog measures 5 in. (12.5 cm) in diameter.
It’s an easy project, perfect for beginners. 

Designer: Lion Brand Yarn

Yarn weight: Aran

Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Solids, Heathers, Twists

Amigaerumi Frog

photo source: Erika Hughes

This frog will be perfect as a soft toy for kids to cuddle and carry around. If you want to make them for toddlers who explore the world with their mouths, I recommend that you make embroidery eyes.

The pattern is easy to follow, ever for newbies. 

Designer:  Erika Hughes

Yarn weight: worsted, acylic

Fred the Frog

photo source: Smartapple Creations

Fred will be your child’s guardian frog, for their trip to school or at night. This quite realistic Ranid is also made by crocheting in the round. However, the legs are more detailed, making this a perfect second crochet frog project.

Size – 5.5 cm (2.2 inches)

Designer:  Maarja Härsing-Värk

Yarn weight: fingering

Suggested yarn: Steinbach Wolle Capri, Madame Tricote Camilla

Ribbert the frog

photo source: Bella Coco Crochet

Ribbert the frog will be a perfect project for those who are looking for a nice frog pattern to display on a desk or shelf. As the pattern has a detailed legs, I would recommend it for an intermediate crocheter. 

Designer: Sarah Janyne Fragola

Yarn weight: worsted weight yarn

Finished size approximately : 5.5 inches (14 cm)

Fancy Frog with a Toadstool Beret

photo source: tinycurl.co

What is a recipe for a fancy girl? A sophisticated outfit, of course. However, as you can see an elegant beret is can be enough  🙂 The pattern for the toadstool beret is also included.
 Designer: Tiny Curl

Yarn weight: Lightweight yarn (light-worsted, DK, or 4-ply

Suggested yarn: Rico Creative Ricorumi DK

Tiny Magic Frog

photo source: Ravelry

Tiny Magic Frog is worked in one piece from the top to the legs, so it is a perfect pattern for those crocheters who hate sewing. The pattern is easy, but can be a little challenging, as it’s really small. 


Finished size approximately: 4 cm / 1.5 in tall 

Designer: Irene Strange

Yarn weight: DKDK-weight cotton

Suggested yarn:

Schachenmayr Catania Solids
Scheepjes Catona
Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK
Rico Design Ricorumi DK

Mini Frog Buddies

photo source: okaytocrochet.wordpress.com

Another great pattern for those looking for a pocket size frog. These cuties will easily fit in your hand and will be a perfect size for toddlers to become their favourite companions. 
Finished size approximately:  3 in (6.5 to 7cm) tall

Designer: Kay Ho

Yarn weight: DK

Suggested yarn: Stylecraft Special Double Knit

Pride Frog

photo source: Ravelry

The pride frog with rainbow belly is a very easy pattern which will be perfect for newbies. The colorful belly is a great idea is you want to make a bunch of personalized frogs that each look different.

Designer: Amy Gaines

Yarn weight: Worsted

Felix the Frog

photo source: lilleliis.com

A great and easy pattern to cuddle. The long legs make it a perfect snuggly for the little ones.

Designer: Mari-Liis Lille

Yarn weight: DK

Suggested yarn:  Drops Cotton Light (50g / 105m) or Drops Muskat

Amigurumi Frog in Dress

photo source: amigurumiforum.com

Definitely girly frogs in colorful dresses will be favourite toys to play for a little girl. They are simply adorable, and quite easy to make. If she’s a little older, you may even get her to crochet with you.
Designer: Nataly Dastous

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn: YarnArt Jeans

Cute Frog in a Jumpsuit

photo source: www.lovelycraft.com

This cute frog will be a perfect match for the Frog in Dress from the previous pattern. The jumpsuit is made as a part of the body, so it will be quicker to make than a separate outfit.

Designer: Lovely Craft

Skills level: Intermediate

Little Lovely Frog

photo source: amigurumiday.com

Another example that the cloth makes the man (or frog). The Little Lovely Frog dressed in a buttoned cowl is another fun pattern for you to follow.

Designer: Selena Brown

Amigurumi (Princess) Frog

photo source: alwaysfreeamigurumi.com

We had a Prince Frog as number 2 on the list, so now it’s time for a Princess Frog. This lovely pattern is absolutely wonderful and very regal.

Designer: Olga Zimina

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn: YarnArt Jeans

Amigurumi Swimming Frog with a Duck Buoy

photo source: blog.alwaysfreeamigurumi.com

A frog in a swimsuit is cute, but it’s irresistibly cute if you add a duck buoy. This little froggie is pool-ready! I imagine this would be a great present for a kid who’s just finished their swimming lessons.  

Designer: bumbee_crochet

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn:  Alize Cotton Gold

Cute Amigurumi Frog

photo source: Carmencrochet.com

Finally, here’s a pattern for advanced crocheters. With a wide range of details and connected elements, you will create the cutest frog ever! It will definitely be worth your time. I give you my froggy guarantee!

Designer: Elena Belova

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn: YarnArt Jeans

Little Frog with Scrunchies

photo source: amigurumi.space

These frogs with scrunchies-scarves will be a quick and easy project to make. 

Designer: toys_by_iris

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn: YarnArt Jeans

Amigurumi Frog

photo source: instagram.com/minigurumi/

These little fellows will be perfect for a keychain or a pocket toy. The pattern is published as an Instagram story, so you have to scroll photos to get into it. If you are looking for the smallest frog, it’s definitely a strong contender!

Designer: Minigurumi

Laggy Frog Keychain - Tutorial

photo source: ToysByValerie / Youtube

If you like video tutorials to follow, you will love this pattern. A stunning froggy keychain with hanging tiny legs. It will be easy to understand when you follow the tutorial’s steps.

Designer: Valerie Burova

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn: YarnArt Jeans

(Princess) Frog Keychain

photo source: amilittlecreature.pl

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Maybe this little frog princess keychain will be your next project?  The finished keychain frog measure approximately 2.5 inches (10 cm) in hight. 

Designer: Ami Little Creature

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn: YarnArt Jeans

Amigurumi Frog

photo source: Ravelry

If you have a Ravelry access (it’s a platform for crocheters and crafters and it’s totally free) you will downlaod these keychain frogs as a pfd pattern. As this frog is made with only a body, it’s the one of the simplest pattern to pick. A perfect project for newbies.

Designer: Crochet at Teri’s

Yarn weight: DK

Suggested yarn: Hayfield Bonus DK

Rico Design RicoBaby Classic DK

Frog Keychain (Kawaii Frog with Heart)

photo source: patreon.com

Have you thought that a frog can be any smaller? You were wrong! This kawaii amigurumi frog measures just approximately 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) in height.  If you are into miniature crochet, this is the pattern you have to try.
Designer: Valerie Burova

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn: YarnArt Jeans

Himalaya Dolphin Baby


photo source: Ravelry

This post wouldn’t be complete without this tiny realistic frog. You can make this frog following the well-explained and detailed Youtube tutorial. 

Designer: Kylie Slee

Yarn weight: DK

Rainbow Frog

photo source: Ravelry

Now, you don’t have to visit Madagascar to see the rainbow frog live. With this unique rainbow frog crochet pattern you will have your own wild life on your desk. 

Designer: Kylie Slee

Yarn weight: DK

Crocheted Tree Frog

photo source: kristitullus.com

Tree frogs are the most representative of all the froggy species. With their long legs and broad toes, they are the sleekest little hoppers ever. The finished item is about 4 3/4″ (12 cm) long

Designer: Kristi Tullus

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn: Titan Wool Egitto

Tree Frog

photo source: littlegreen.typepad.com

This frog features contrasting orange legs and big amber safety eyes. It will be a great frog for any frog lover!

Designer: Roman Sock

Yarn weight: DK / worsted

Suggested yarn: DMC Happy Cotton

Minecraft Frog

photo source: Ravelry

If you are making a frog for a kid or tween, believe me – a cubic minecraft -shaped frog will be a definite hit. The pattern is recommended for an advanced beginner. However it is a video tutorial, so you will it find it easy to follow. 

Designer: Skein Spider  

Yarn weight: DK

Suggested yarn: 4 Seasons Marvel 8 ply


photo source: Anitha Domacin

Not all frogs are cute. Sometimes ugly is beautiful. So, if you are looking for a toad, this pattern will be perfect for you. 

Designer:  Brigitte Read

Yarn weight: Aran/DK

Lil' Kerokeroppi Frog

photo source: littleyarnfriends.com

This little squirt stands 12cm x 10cm, approximately 5 x 4 in. Those huge eyes, though! Adorable.

Designer: Rachel Hoe

Yarn weight: Sport

Suggested yarn: YarnArt Jeans

Frog Hat

photo source: Repeat Crafter Me

This crocheted frog hat will let your kids be more visible end easier to find.

Designer: Sarah Zimmerman

Yarn weight: Aran

Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice

Frog Coasters

photo source: Dawn M Castillo

This pattern is definitely at the beginner level. As there is a video tutorial to follow, you can try it even if you are just learning to crochet. This will be a great pattern to build your skills and confidence.

Designer:  Dawn M Castillo

Yarn weight: Aran

Suggested yarn: Red Heart Super Saver (Solids)

Frog Hanging Basket

photo source: StringyDingDing

Who wouldn’t want to store stuff in such a wonderful container? This green hanging basket with its mouth wide open is a great encouragement for kids to store their belongings neatly… not on the floor, or the hallway, or all around the house. 

Designer: StringyDingDing

Yarn weight: Jumbo

Suggested yarn: Bernat Maker Big

Frog Backpack

photo source: yarnspirations.com

This wonderful pattern will be a great travel companion for your JK/SK youngster, or even one slightly older than that. Whatever they need to carry, this froggy will help them.  

Designer: Lily / Sugar’n Cream

Yarn weight: Worsted

Suggested yarn:

Lily Sugar’n Cream Solids & Denim
Lily Sugar’n Cream Stripes

LilyPad Coaster

photo source: bylumydesigns.com

No matter which pattern of frog you will choose, you can upgrade it beautifully by adding this water lily – shaped coaster. Every frog needs it’s own pad, after all.

Designer: Bylumydesigns

Yarn weight: Worsted

Suggested yarn: Loops & Threads Impeccable

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