Crocheted Father's Day and Dad Gift Ideas

In this blog post, we have curated the ultimate collection of crochet patterns specifically designed for Father’s Day. From cozy accessories to practical gifts, these patterns will inspire you to create something truly special for your Dad. So, grab your yarn and crochet hook, and let’s honor dad with the art of crochet!

We are getting really close to Father’s Day. I can’t think of a better way to show your appreciation for all the dads than with handmade gifts. Crocheting is a versatile and effective craft for creating personalized items to demonstrate your love and gratitude.

Are handmade Fathers day gifts better than store-bought ones?

OK, store-bought presents may be slicker, shinier and better packaged. But handmade Father’s Day gifts carry a deeper sentimental value. 

The handmade keepsake makes the recipient feel loved and appreciated through the time, effort, and thought spent on a gift for them. They are, quintessentially, custom and personal and reflective of the recipient’s interests, hobbies, or preferences. They are often unique and imbued with special meaning shared only by the persons exchanging them.

In many cases, a thoughtful and meaningful gift—regardless of whether it’s handmade or store-bought—can convey love, appreciation, and gratitude for a father’s role and impact in one’s life. 

The most important aspect is the intention and thought behind the gift, as that is what truly matters in honoring and celebrating a father on Father’s Day.

25 Father's Day Gifts Free Crochet Patterns

Easy Crochet Gifts for Dad or for Father’s Day:

Now let’s see those projects in details.

Beer Coaster

1. Beer Coaster or Beer Appluque

Here is a great idea for a gift for a Dad of any age. This pattern was created as an appliqué, but you can use it to make wonderful beer coasters. You can use it as an appliqué as well and create project like personalize a wish card or an apron.

Designer: Vinera Eyer

fingerless Father's Day Gifts Free Crochet Patterns

2. Free Digits Fingerless

Next on my list are gloves. Not ordinary ones, but cool, fingerless ones instead. Apart from being easy to make, they are very stylish will match with almost out outfits your husband or dad likes to wear.

Designer: Drew Emborsky
photo on the right: Flickr

beer mug keychain made from yarn

3. Beer Mug Keychain

It’s a tiny gift, but it gives huge smiles. This small beer mug can be made as a keychain or car mirror hanger.

Designer: Tatsiana Tsitova

off white tie made from yarn

4. Simple Crochet Tie

Lets make a fashion statement! After all, knit ties were probably a thing in your Dad’s youth.
Designer: Stina Ekwal

5. Father's Day Card with Crochet Applique

The best project for beginners or kids learning how to crochet will be a small Father’s Day appliqué to glue to a handmade wish card. You can use a car, tool or necktie appliqué to make this project rock.

Designer: Kathryn S. Jory

6. Father's Day Award Ribbon

Who doesn’t like awards? Your Dad surely will be appreciated with this tiny hand made gift. This is another great project for the absolute beginner. The award ribbon measures 10cm wide.

Designer: Pam Wong

7. Necktie Coaster

1 pattern 2 options! Stitch it solid or in stripes. Either way, it will be a hit.
Designer: Sara Sach

Baby Yoda Coffee Cup Cozy

8. Coffee Cup Cozy

This cute cup cozy will melt the hearts of all Star Wars fans. It can also be used as a cover for a pencil cup on a work desk.
Designer: Squishes and Squiggle

alien socks for men

9. Comfy Alien Socks

Here is one more idea for a Star wars fan. With those star war socks, the force will be with him all the time!
Designer: Avalia Crafts

10. Father's Day Crochet Tool Set

Now, we have one of the most popular patterns for the advanced beginner. The tool set includes a screwdriver, a hammer and some pliers: a great gift for a handyman or a dad who never can find any tools in the house.

Designer: Tanya Eberhardt

Tie Gift Bag

11. Tie Gift Bag

No matter what gift you are going to make or buy, this pattern will be great to wrap it. A crochet gift bag decorated with a tie will be a great finish to your surprise for Dad, Husband or Grandpa.

Designer:  Crystalized Designs

men 's golf cap crocheted

12. Men's Cable Golf Cap

Men’s Cabled Golf Cap, sized for a 23″ inch head – standard men’s size. Foooore! Designer: Tamara Kelly

Golf Club Clovers handmade gift idea

13. Golf Club Clovers

Next, you can accompany the golf cap with these fabulous golf club covers. Deck Dad out in style for the golf course.
Designer: Susan Lowman

Dual Remote Caddy made from yarn

14. Easy Dual Remote Caddy

If your Dad loves to rest on his favorite coach with a TV remote, this dual remote caddy will become an essential accessory.
Designer: Cylinda D. Mathews

easy electronic sleeve crocheted

15. Easy Electronics Sleeve

Old skool meets new skool, and traditional crocheting will serve to protect the newest of tech. 

Designer: Neesha

Bring your own bag Father's day idea crochet bag

16. 6-Pack Beer Carrier

Yep, here is a gift for the ecologically-minded beer drinker. Funny and eco Designer: Tamara Kelly

17. Tool Belt

This tool belt set will be a fabulous addition to the crochet tools listed in point 10, will be a tool belt set. Designer: Cindy de Vries

Crochet Hamburger Apron for Gilling

18. Crochet Hamburger Apron for Grilling

You don’t have to make a whole crochet project to show appreciation. You can show your affection by personalizing store-bought gifts, like this apron with a yummy crochet burger appliqué. Designer: Crafty Concept

19. Mustache Slippers

Yes, these are definitely house slippers for Dad. On Father’s day, they’ll go really well with a coffee and a newspaper.
Designer: Sarah Zimmerman

ribbed hat

20. Crocheted Ribbed Hat

This is definitely the most popular pattern of all for men. Classic male gift. Designer: Cindy RecycleCindy

Fisherman Crochet Aran Vest

21. Fisherman Crochet Aran Vest

Here is another wonderful gift in a classic style. It’s made of simple pieces: Left Front, Right Front, Back, 2 Large Pockets, 1 Small Pocket and is perfect for a cooler summer morning with a rod and reel. Designer: Lion Brand Yarn

22. Football Wine Cozy

Great pattern for the advance beginner to make for any super bowl fan. You can adjust pattern for any type of bottle. Designer: Crochet 365 Knit Too

Starwars-themed crocheted blanket

23. StarWars Blanket 

A crochet blanket is a very popular gift, and you can make one for Father’s Day as well. A lap blanket or throw will be the quickest. However if you looking for something very impressive, see this Star Wars inspired blanket. PSA: Anything Star Wars is a safe idea if nothing else occurs to you;) Designer: Ahooka Migurumi Photo: Venus781


24. Father Pullover 

Can be something more matching todays gift list idea than a Father Sweater? All of our Dad’s wore them, and we all have fond memories of Dad in a sweater on a cool day. Designer: Coats & Clark

Crochet Pizza Keychain

25. Pizza Keychain

Pizza… ’nuff said. Designer: Ashley M

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