crocheted squares for advance crocheters


There are a lot of beginner crochet patterns to choose from. But now let’s look for something more challenging and find patterns that stand out – advanced crochet squares.

In my crochet journey, I often have the pleasure of seeing a pattern I love. It’s stunning and want to try it immediately. Usually, though, I’m in the middle of other projects or stuck waiting a few weeks for yarn ordered online to be delivered. In the meantime, the idea is gone and I lost any clue where I had seen it or how to find it again. So, today, I decided to spend some time gathering them all in one place.


Maybe you add them to your shortlist of a project to try, too?

Not Easy Crochet Squares – Free Patterns


d'Histoire Naturelle Scheepjes CAL 2020 by Christina Hadderingh​

d’Histoire Naturelle Scheepjes CAL

photo source: Scheepjes

 This is the work of a lifetime. This stunning pattern was inspired by the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Museum of Natural History) in Paris.

Designer: Christina Hadderingh

Suggested yarn: Scheepjes Stone Washed

Yarn weight:  Sport

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In the photo, you will see the colorful version of the The d’Histoire Naturelle Official Scheepjes 2020 CAL project made by Littlebluehook from Scheepjes Whirl yarn.


d'Histoire Naturelle Scheepjes crocheted square
photo: LittleBlueHook@Instagram


Sophie's Garden project blanket square

Sophie’s Garden Square

photo source: danaan/ravelry

The Sophie’s Garden Square pattern, created by Dedri Uys 10 years ago, doesn’t need any introduction. This well-known beauty measures approximately  19” by 24”. Here is the most colorful version I like made by Danaan, who also extended Sophie’s Garden Square by more rows using the Laces & Bobbles Stitch Sampler pattern.

Designer: Dedri Uys

Suggested yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Paris, Scheepjes Cahlista

Yarn weight: Aran

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Elements blanket

Elements Blanket

photo source: evelynefr/ravelry


With the Elements Square, you can make one big bed cover using a a square as the big centerpiece motif in the middle. The effect will be like in the photo.

Designer: Sandra McButton

Suggested yarn: Scheepjes Stone Washed, Scheepjes Catona, Stylecraft Special Double Knit

Yarn weight: DK

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As much as I love festive colors, I would love the idea of adding a bit more color, like in the in the photo below of the amazing project made by LittleStories:

Elements cal square
photo: LittleStories @ Instagram


crocheted square in intense violet hues

Elements Squares

photo source: LoriBaran

I was all in on the Element Blanket until I hadn’t found a different version of this pattern made from smaller squares. Using a piece of the pattern, you get a square you can multiply to get a geometric pattern. This one is made from Caron Simply Soft Solids Yarn in Orchid, Grape, Bone, Off-white and Hot Springs.

Designer: Sandra McButton

Suggested yarn: Stylecraft Special Double Knit, Scheepjes Stone Washed, Scheepjes Catona

Yarn weight: DK

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Also, as I really love violet, I would like to make a whole blanket from squares, but choose a deeper blueish hue to match my gray walls, like this one:

crocheted square in intense indygo hues
photo: crochetkay@ Instagram


I also found the more ‘mature’ versions of this square with browns and greens.  I thought it would be a great project for Father’s Day:

elements cal brown and green hues
photo: crazyhooklady/ravelry



This square is my favorite. But at the end I decided to go with slightly darker colors:

elements cal brown and green hues

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In the end, this project is one you can’t miss. I love the recent wash-like colors of yarn and generally all washed-look trends. As I already have Scheepjes River Washed Mini Skeins, the yarn which this beauty is made form. This color palette will be my choice no 1 for the next project:

elements cal square in washed green
photo: glendaww@ravelry

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Frost Flower

photo source: Polly Plum

The Frost Flower granny square is rich in texture and lots of fun to make! Although it is much simpler than the previous patterns here, it is no less fabulous. A visually appealing cacophony of color is guaranteed.  

Designer: Polly Plum

Suggested yarn: Stylecraft Special Double Knit, Stylecraft Special Aran


Yarn weight: DK

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the butterfly effect square free crochet pattern

The Butterfly Effect

photo source: Kela Ahnhem



The Butterfly Effect Square is different. Equally colorful than previous patterns, designed in a loose structure which gives the square a lacy, light look. This square will look stunning both on the bed and as a wall-decorating mandala. 

Designer: Kela Ahnhem


Suggested yarn: Yarn and Colors Must Have, Yarn and Colors Epic

Yarn weight: Sport

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Sophie's Universe CAL

Sophie’s Universe CAL

photo source: Dedri Uys


Even more sophisticated than Sophie’s Garden, Sophie’s Universe will take a crocheter into a different word full of colors, flowers and imagination. This pattern is definitely a must on my list and should be on yours, too. 

Designer: Dedri Uys

Suggested yarn: Scheepjes Stone Washed XL

Yarn weight: Aran

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Sophie loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket

photo source: ccdoug @ravelry


If you already made a Sophie’s Universe or are looking for an even bigger challenge, you will definitely like Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket. This pattern is a combination of Sophie’s Universe CAL, Circles of the Sun with a Dandelion mandala & Dandelion border (paid elements) into one, sophisticated blanket. This blanket, solid and warm, was designed to be a winter blanket.

Designer: Emma Aldous

Suggested yarn: Hayfield Bonus DK


Yarn weight: DK

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fruit garden free crochet pattern; an crocheted blanket with flowers

Fruit Garden CAL

photo source: granny_bee@Instagram



The Fruit Garden Square is not only a unique pattern to make. It is also an amazing collection of flowers in squares or rectangles you can learn and use in your other projects. This is a great pattern to start with or save and come back to anytime needed. 

Designer: Jane Crowfoot

Suggested yarn: Stylecraft Batik DK

Stylecraft Naturals – Bamboo + Cotton, Stylecraft Life DK

Yarn weight: DK

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frida flowers

Frida Flowers Blanket

photo source: GrannyBeeBelinda@ravelry

Looking at those flowers from the Fruit Garden blanket, it is hard not to write of another amazing flowery pattern – Frida’s Flowers blanket.  This truly is a great masterpiece of colors which looks like a real summer flower bed. Made of hexagons, this is also a great free source of 3D flower patterns. Presented is the most amazing version of this pattern made by GrannyBee.

Designer: Jane Crowfoot

Suggested yarn: Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK

Yarn weight: DK

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I hope you’ll love these projects just as I do. Just grab your crochet hook and let’s get started. But now… here is another problem. Which pattern do we choose to start with?

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