Hold on doormat

Meet your friends and visitor even before you will open the doors! 

When we move to our long-waited home we focus on the basis like wall color, furniture, wall art or lighting. Although all of this is important, we still need to add a tiny home decors to make feel like a home. To effect of these small additions can not be overestimated. When properly matched, give our home classy, complete and thoughtful look. Here i focus on a one particular detail which is a door mat. In this post, I pick up some funny doormat ideas which you can make by your own or purchase on-line.

Why to personalize a doormat? Do I need a personalize doormat?

First impression can be made only once. Funny doormat will build up a mood of your visitors. It can also be a great conversation starting point. Whenever you are making a party, looking for a doormat for daily use, or staging your house for sale, you will find a perfect door mat here. A personalize doormat will also be a great gift for a housewarming.

How to make a personalized doormat? 

Making a DIY doormat is very easy and you can enjoy your personalized entrance sign in no time. To do that, you will need:

  1. entryway mat. I suggest a plain color mat, like the one you can buy in Ikea;
  2. an akrylic paint in the colors you want to use. Remeber to buy outdoor paint, not indoor one;
  3. paintbrush. The best will be a medium size round brush with a short hair.
  4. a stencil material. This one will depend on the technique you are going to use. I strongly recommend to use a cutting machine like Cricut or Silhouette, but you can use alphabet stencils as well. Eventually you can cut your own stencils from cardboard.

First step: 1 Deside how your doormat will be looks like. Will it be a sign or maybe a picture with soemthing colose to your heart.

How a funny sign doormat looks like? 

All depends on your creativity. Here are a few popular doormat examples for a hilarious doormats.

1. Hold On We Are Probably Not Wearing Pants Doormat

A funny mat which will make a smile on your visitors’ faces. This one will be particularly great on a housewarming party or as a gift for a happy new owners.

Hold on doormatYou can find this mat at Walmart.com for $25.

2. Welcome-ish Depends Who You Are and How Long You Stay

You can go wrong with this one. A funny and not offending, will be a safe option to everyone. Welcome-ish doormat

You can order this doormat at Amazon for $23 and up.

3. That’s What She Shed

A great door mat to underline a female owner. That's What She Shed  Funny Doormat  Welcome Mat  image 1

You can order this doormat at Etsy.for $35.55 and up.

4. Office doormat:  I can’t believe you came

A amazing idea for all Office fans. I can’t believe you came with Dwight and Schrute faces will brighter faces of visitors in many families.

Office funny doormat

You can order this doormat at Etsy.

5. Go Away Doormat

The most unwelcome mat in my collection, but still funny in a wicked sense of humor.

Go away doormatYou can order this mat directly from Wayfiar starting from. $31.


Doormats may seem like a minor detail, but have a great impact on how your home is perceived. Funny doormats make peoples smile but also are a good conversation starter. They set a tone for welcoming environment.

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