Gifts for Crocheters 25 ideas

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your wife, friend or neighbour who has already given you a beautifully handmade scarf or socks? Or maybe you’ve seen them with a crochet hook in hand? Don’t look any further, we got you covered. Here are the top 25 gift ideas which will be a hit with any crocheter (and any knitter as well).

Crochet gifts are perfect for any occasion.

They are very universal and can be given no matter the occasion. Whether you are shopping for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a birthday, these gifts for crocheters can be enjoyed all year round.  This list is also for you, my fellow crocheter, if you are looking for me gift. It’s good to know what we can say what we want (other than yarn), if the family asks what we want this year as crochet Christmas gifts! Last remark: I am not affiliated with any brand or page, and all links to the recommended items are only posted to give you general idea, what to look for.


The list is based on the opinion pool almost 1k crocheters about what they would like to get and what they need the most. As such, it’s based on market research. If you would like to vote, leave a comment with 3 preferable items.

The most popular items (which collected from 5% up to 30 % of votes) are listed from 1 to 6. Items form 7 to 12 gathered from 3% up to 4% of votes. Rest of items were popular among less then 3 % of crocheters.

Michael's gift card is #2 best gift for crocheter or knitter.1. Gift Card to The Craft Store

Number one in our list is a gift card to buy more yarn :). Is very practical, because the crocheter in your life can pick any yarn by herself/himself and not only save your time, but also get exactly hat they want. You can buy a gift card to stores like JOANN or Michaels in almost any supermarket. You can also buy an e-card directly in the chosen store or on Amazon and send it to the recipient by e-mail.

Price: Varies – you can decide how much you want to spend. 

A yarn colorpack set by Hobbi

2. Yarn, yarn and even more yarn!

A skein yarn is the ultimate gift, second best on our list. After all, the second most popular hobby among crocheters is yarn hoarding 🙂 Choosing a yarn can be tricky if you don’t know anything about it. Also, it maybe doesn’t have that Wow-look to your eyes. If so, the safe option is to buy a yarn set consisting of a few skeins: a so-called colorpack. If your budget allows you to buy a considerable amount of yarn, don’t diversify too much. Skeins of yarn in color sets can be small, so if you are buying color packs, grab a few in identical colors. If you are buying an individual skein of yarn, pick a few skeins in 2-3 matching colors of the same brand line. This way, it will give you a few more more options to use them together. Generally, matching gradient colors, like the yarn set by Hobbii shown in the photo are more popular than contrasting ones. You can buy yarns in big box stores like  WalMart or you can do it on-line. Photo source:

Approx. price: $4 – sky is the limit


Custom labels

3. Custom Labels

Custom labels for handmade projects will be a great gift for a crocheter who is a frequent giver or has just started selling their crocheted items. The best ones are those that you can attach with finger-fastened rivets, and no special tools are needed.

photo source: Etsy

Price: $22

4. Yarn Bowl

If you want your gift to be funny or cute, apart from being practical, a yarn bowl can do this beautifully. There is a wide range of bowls. They can be ugly, like this one, or sweet like a kitten… and everything in between. A less pricy option is a wooden yarn bowl sold in a yarn stores. TIP: Yarn bowls are best used with cakes or balls of yarn (round yarn shapes).

photo source: Something Lucky 13 Etsy

Approx. price:  $20 – $130

Yarn Ball Winder is a good idea for a gift for crocheter5. Yarn Winder

A yarn winder transforms hanks or skeins into center-pull balls of yarn which are convenient to use. Maybe you were used as a human yarn winder in childhood, like I was. I remember long hours of winding a yarn when my mom was unravelling old sweaters. I wish I had a yarn winder back then!

photo source: Knit Picks Store on Amazon;

you can buy it on Knit

Price:  $20 – $50

Crochet Hook Set

6. Crochet Hook Set

Although your fellow crocheter surely owns many crochet hooks, a set of good ergonomic hooks is always welcome. A very popular set of a good quality hooks is made by Clover; you can also buy handmade hooks, but this is more expensive ($25- $50 per crochet hook). Personalized Crochet Hooks or Accessories: for an absolutely unique and individual gift, it’s never out of place to get crochet hooks or accessories customized with the crocheter’s name or initials. photo:

Approx. price:  $ 50 and up 

7. Crochet Books

Books, are the one gift that never goes out of style. So, it’s always very apropos to give Crochet Pattern Books. Crocheters are always seeking new patterns and design inspiration. Pattern books feature many crochet techniques, stitches, or specific projects like blankets, amigurumi, or garments. Moreover, they will always be a handy and beloved resource, even if the internet is down or power is out.

8. Blocking Mats

Here is another extremely useful gift. Many crocheters, especially old-school ones, still spread and dry a crochet project on a towel. Blocking mats allow you to evenly spread out the project and, using a special long needles, pin a crocheted item to the mat to give it the desired shape. photo source:

Approx. price:  $30 – $70

Wooden blocking board for crocheted squares9. Wooden Blocking Board

A wooden blocking board will be a very elegant idea as well. It’s purpose is the same as blocking mats, but for smaller projects like squares (joined together afterwards to make a blanket). TIP:  Although is a very beautiful present, if you are not sure if a fellow crocheter is into square blankets, pick a blocking mat instead….

photo source:

Approx. price:  $30- $50

Stitch markers10. Stitch markers

A handmade stitch marker will be a small but elegant and unique token of affection. TIP: Choose stitch makers with clips or clasps. They are  easy to remove and are very appropriate for crocheting. Some stitch markers have a ring attached and are really meant for knitting purposes.  photo source: ChezMakes

Approx. price:  $ 14

Crochet project bag

11. Storage Bag for Carrying Projects

Another great present for a crocheter who travels a lot and takes their work everywhere with them (so generally… for every hooker). Seek out bags with special pockets for hooks and many separate compartments.

photo source: Amazon

Price: $27

Crochet Hook Set pouch

12. Crochet Hook Case

A nice hook case will help organize and store hooks in one place. You can buy just a nice hook organizer or a zipper pouch on Etsy or Amazon. There are also sets available with hooks and accessories.

photo source: Amazon


Price: $ 23

Yarn swift13. Yarn Swift

Another childhood memory – being asked to hold my arms in the air, just for a few minutes when my mom wound balls from hanks (A hank is a yarn wound in a shape which resembles a baguette). I remember that those few minutes lasted forever… The Yarn Swift replaces children and it holds hanks or skeins of yarn in place as you wind them into balls. 😉  Also, a yarn swift  can be used in tandem with a yarn winder. For more info visit Knit

Price:  $20 – $50

Funny T-shirt for crocheters

14. Funny T-shirt

As with any hobby, another gift idea is something wearable. There are plenty of T-shirts and hoodies for crocheters you can order on-line. Photo source:

Approx. price:  $25

Skein Coats15. Skein Coats

This is a funny addition to a travel bag. Skein sleeves are put on the yarn skein to prevent it from unravelling and keep the yarn neat and tidy.

photo source: Etsy

Price: $7

Yarn earings16. Yarn-shaped earrings or necklace

A crochet-themed necklace or earrings are the next gift idea. Try to search for items that look like mini crochet hooks, wool balls or sheep.

photo source: Etsy


Price: $10

Steamer17. Portable Steamer

A portable steamer helps with straightening freshly made items. As most crochet items are delicate, it will beautifully, but safely remove wrinkles from washed product. It is very practical and can be used instead of ironing, especially for delicate items.

photo source: Amazon

Price: $30

18. Crocheted Gifts

Of course, we can’t forget our own crocheting skills. If you do, you should definitely make a handmade crocheted item to give. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blanket, scarf, hat, or anything else. What matters is the love and effort you put into them. Your heart in the project is the real gift.

19. Subscription to Traditional Crochet Magazines or Online Platforms

You will never go amiss with a subscription to a crochet magazine or online platform dedicated to crochet. They are such a treasure trove of patterns, tutorials and inspiration. This will definitely be a wonderful gift that keeps on giving.

Price: varies, e.g. yearly subscription of World Crochet Magazine costs $37

Yarn Ball Holder

20. Yarn Ball Holder

A rotatable wooden yarn holder will hold yarn in one place. It’s particularly great when working with more than one yarn color at the time. Definitely opt for a detachable yarn ball holder which can be disassembled for easy storage.

photo source: Panda Hall

Price: $ 20

Ring yarn holder cat

21. Yarn Tension Ring

Here’s a great jewellery and tension helper at the same time. This ring can be used while crocheting to regulate yarn tension. Better still, you can also purchase them with matching earrings.

photo source: Etsy

Price: $10-20

LED Neck Crochet Light22. LED Neck Crochet Light

It’ s actually a reading light, but can be successfully do double duty for crocheting or knitting light as well. It’s great as an additional source of light or if you need additional light and don’t want to disturb someone next to you such as your husband in bed or the next passenger in an airplane. A light is rechargeable and lasting up to 80 hours after charging.

photo source: Amazon

Price: $22

Knitters and Crocheter's Chart or Pattern Holder 23. Pattern / Chart Holder

This is a pretty handy way to display your pattern while you are crocheting. A pattern chart holder is magnetic, so you can add patterns easily and it stands upright, in either landscape or vertical orientation. Available in small or large size.

photo source:

Price: $19-34

Crochet car sticker24. Crochet Car Window Sticker

Funny car back window stickers made from permanent vinyl can be a hit among crocheters who also love driving.

photo source: Etsy

Price: $13

Personalized crochet mug, gift for crocheter25. Personalized mug

Funny mugs are always a safe bet for showing gratitude. As there is a strong association between yarn and coffee in most crocheters’ minds, so with every cup of coffee the crocheter in your life will think of you. Photo source: Etsy

Price: $23


Remember, when selecting a gift for a crocheter, consider their skill level, preferences, and any specific projects they are working on or techniques they enjoy using.

25 Best Gifts for Crocheters in 2023

I hope you like may crochet gifts recommendation and it will help you to buy extraordinary gifts for a crocheter.

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    For me the best will be: 1. a gift card, 2. portable steamer, 3. blocking mats.


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