Russian join

In this post, you will learn how to join a 2 ends of yarn to make the connection almost invisible.


You can use this method every time you have to start with a length of new yarn, e.g. if you finished the current ball or you wish to introduce the next color to your project.The Russian join works best when the two yarns you want to join have comparable weight.  Both of them have to be plied (made from twisted fibers). Otherwise it won’t work. 

Russian join supplies

You will need:

  • 2 yarns in different colors
  • tapestry or yarn needle
  • scissors

Here is an Easy Step-by Step Photo Tutorial on How to Join a Yarn:

Russian knot step 1

Step 1: 

Twist the yarn ends together, as you can see on the photo.

Russian knot step 2

Step 2: 

Thread the needle through one of the yarn ends. It doesn’t matter which one.

Russian knot step 3

Step 3: 

Insert the needle in between yarn fibers of the same yarn creating a loop. Aim at the centre of the yarn.

Secure the loop from the second yarn in your hand (orange one in the photo).

Russian knot step 4

Step 4: 

Continue inserting the needle until you will go through the center of the yarn for approximately 2 inches of lengh.

Russian knot step 5

Step 5: 

Pull the needle through.

Step 6: 

Thread the needle through other yarn end (here orange). Repeat steps 3 to 5.

Step 7: 

Pulling the working yarns on both sides, spread the knot equally throughout out the whole join length. Cut the loose ends.

Easy, doesn’t it? If you tried this method, please share your opinion in the comments. I love to read them!

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