Christmas Mini Wreath Ornament

A mini crochet wreath ornament are going through a renaissance. Their increasing popularity can be explained by the fact that they evoke warm, childhood memories from Grandma’s trees, where they were so popular.

Are crochet wreaths easy to make?

As crochet wreaths use only basic stitches, they are extremely easy to make and are thus very beginner friendly. Most patterns are using only a single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch, so you can easily start your first project with a video tutorial even if you’d never had a crochet hook in your hands before.

What mini crocheted wreath are made for?

You can use a crocheted wreath as a Christmas tree ornament, an applique, and addition to wrap your Christmas gift or bottle of wine or anywhere you want to add a little Christmas accent.

What can be use as a ring to make a crochet wreath ornament?

Crochet wreath ornaments hold their shapes because of the ring implemented inside the ornament. You don’t have to buy a special ring, you can simply use anything you have in home. A plastic milk jug rings, bracelets, plastic shower curtains rings are the examples of easy to find and no-cost rings you can use.

What are the bests patterns for Christmas Wreath Ornaments?

We went over all patterns published in the net and picked the most popular ones among crocheters. So here is our top 10:

1. Crocheted Wreath Ornament made around milk jug ring

Skills: easy

Suggested yarn: any yarn you have You will also need: milk jug rings This is an easy and very popular pattern you will make in no time. This adorable crocheted wreath are made around milk jug rings taken off big milk jug (you separate the ring which stays on the jug after taking off the cap. If you don’t buy milk in jugs. you can use any rings eg. from big juice bottles etc. You will also need a needle to add a small red dots on the wreath.

To use this pattern follow Crouton Crafts tutorial on Youtube. Don’t like the video tutorials? Go to the pattern no.5!

2. Christmas Ornament made around bracelet

Skills: Beginner

Suggested yarn: any light or medium weights yarn You will also need: 2″ Plastic Ring Here is another idea – why not to use bracelet instead of ring? I’m sure you can easily find one in your home to do not stop to start project immediately. You can use any size of bracelet, all you have to do is to add more single crochet stitches in the first row to cover the bracelet entirely.

For free crochet tutorial and more info visit: Zhielle’s Creation.

3. Mini Wreath Ornament 

Skills: Beginner

Suggested yarn: aran 8 wpi You will also need: 2″ Plastic Ring Can it ever be easier or quicker then previuos projects? Yes it can! This wreath is so quick, as it don’t have any ruffles, so it will be a great addition to your tea time.

Mini wreath ornament in green and redFor Free crochet pattern go here: Doni Speigle.  Still looking and haven’t decided? It will be even more complicated now, as there is so many more wonderful patterns. Let’s move to the next:

4. Mini Wreath Ornament 

Skills: Beginner

Suggested yarn: Worsted (9 wpi) Here is a mini wreath with a realistic-looking leafs in 2 shades of green. Maybe this one will be your favourite? A wreath from this pattern measures 3” across.

This crochet pattern can be found here: Mini Wreath Ornament.

5. Christmas Wreath 

Skills: Beginner

Suggested yarn: Worsted (9 wpi) Next idea to replace wire ring is to use a plastic rings that come around beverage cans. As their shape can be tricky and are not nicely round, they need a special pattern which can cover all up:

This crochet pattern can be found on Ravelry.

6. Christmas Wreath Ornament 

Skills: Beginner

Suggested yarn: DK (11 wpi) They are easy to make, quick but they can also look .. yummy! Here is a special Christmas wreath ornament patterns, which makes your mini wreath looks like tasty donuts:

This free crochet pattern  is here: Christmas Wreath Ornament.

7. Christmas Wreath Ornament 

Skills: Beginner

Suggested yarn: Aran (8 wpi)

Visit the pattern site: Wreath X-mas Ornament.

8. Christmas Wreath Ornament 

Skills: Beginner

Suggested yarn: Aran (8 wpi)

A tradition with modern touch? Why not! Thanks to thin, sport yarn, you will get a new, slim look of a Christmas wreath: This free pattern you will find on Ravelry.

9. Christmas Wreath Square

Skills: Beginner

Suggested yarn: DK (11 wpi)

If a square shape if somthing you need to your next project, we got you covered. Christmas Wreath Square will be perfect everywhere in your projects when more flat surface will be easier to use. This free pattern you will find on Ravelry.

10. Christmas Wreath Amigurumi

Skills: Beginner

Suggested yarn: DK (11 wpi)

Add a little twist to your project and create mini  Christmas wreath amigurumi donut. Such ornament will make everything taste heavenly. For free crochet pattern visit: Christmas Wreath Amigurumi If you like this post you may also like:

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